At Mains of Errol we grow Sonata, Elsanta and Malling Centenary strawberries on Seaton tabletop system. All our fruit is grown in polytunnels enabling continuity of supply and a non stop harvesting operation.

Elsanta strawberry

A very sturdy strawberry with a good flavour and a strong aroma.  Elsanta strawberries will be grown pesticide free shortly. It is still UK’s most popular variety thirty years after its initial release. It has superb fruit quality and excellent shelf life. The medium to large, firm, orange-red fruit is the variety’s greatest asset.

Sonata strawberry

The most promising Dutch selection to be released since Elsanta in 1981. The bright red, glossy, uniform fruit has an excellent texture and flavour. The berries are an attractive conical shape and have good shelf life.  Yield of Class 1 fruit is superior.